EUROPEAN TEST and TELEMETRY CONFERENCE JUNE 13-14, 2023 Toulouse, France ETTC2023 POSTERS Presentation


A short abstract (about 300 words in a word file) has to be provided to be included in the “book of abstracts” given at each participant at the conference.


Best way to comply to the paper format specifications is to use the paper template (ETTC2023_full_paper_template), this is a file containing the paper format detailed specifications and formatted as a ETTC 2023 paper. Just download it and use it as a model by overtyping on its text.

PLEASE NOTE that the updated abstract and the final paper (6 pages max) must be transmitted by email, before april 30th, to the ETTC 2023 Congress Secretariat:


The poster ( A4 Portrait sheet) should be transmitted by email, before May 15, to the ETTC 2023 Congress

ETTC will print an A0 sheet.



Keep in mind :

Posters have become an increasingly popular method for presentation at conferences, as they promote greater interaction between authors and conference participants .

A poster, like an oral presentation, cannot (and should not) contain all information you have on the topic.

Scientific and technical posters should stimulate interest rather than provide a detailed presentation.

The poster is usually a mixture of a brief text mixed with tables, graphs, pictures, and other presentation formats.


Recommendations :

  • Be sure to include the abstract title, author, coauthor names, and your company at the top.
  • Place your e-mail address, phone, in the upper right-hand corner of the poster board.
  • Goal: 20% text, 40% graphics, 40% space.
  • Start with the Introduction at the upper left, finish with the recommendations at the lower right, with methods and results filling the central space.
  • Use short sentences, simple words, and bullets to illustrate your points.
  • Text should be broken up by including graphics or photos. Self-explanatory graphics should dominate the poster.
  • The success of a poster directly relates to the clarity of your illustrations and tables! – Avoid using jargon, acronyms, or unusual abbreviations.
  • Pick no more than 2–3 fonts
  • Pick no more than 2–3 colors


You have many examples on the web !